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  • We all have the ability – as individuals, businesses, organizations, communities and campuses – to use our words and actions to make a positive impact on our community. During Love is Louder Week, we want everyone to think about how you can use your reach, voice, talents and resources to help make your community more resilient, supportive, connected and inclusive. 


  • We believe that, together, we can turn down the volume on negative, divisive and harmful noise, and amplify positive messages that will help our communities heal, connect and grow stronger. 


  • This past year, The Jed Foundation has had more requests than ever from campuses and communities who want to use Love is Louder programs, events and resources to tackles issues like bullying, discrimination, body image, loneliness and depression. Love is Louder Week is also a time for us to raise funds together to support this important work. 

Images of Love is Louder Week